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Standard Order Lead Time:  7 Days       Order Minimum:  None
Credit Terms:  Credit terms are on a PREPAID BASIS ONLY.  Prepayments must be in the form of a credit card, wire transfer, or company check (shipment after funds clear).  Freight charges are Included in Delivered Pricing.
Additional Charges:  All orders that require private labeling, stickering, specialized printing or other special handling will result in additional charges to base prices listed herein, including deposits.
Return Policy:  An order is a contractual agreement to purchase.  Any order that is refused at delivery shall be subject to a restocking fee of 25% plus freight costs.  No return shall be made without written authorization from Customer Service and made 7 days prior to anticipated return shipment of order.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
Damage Claims:  Caffe D'Vita/Brad Barry Company, Ltd. shall not be responsible for damages or lost goods after consignment to the freight line.  All claims must be filed by the Customer within 7 days directly with the freight company.  Collection of all claims shall be the responsibility of the Customer.  DO NOT DEDUCT OR WITHHOLD PAYMENT OF ANY INVOICE PENDING A CLAIM.  Any unauthorized extension of time shall be subject to a late penalty charge of 1% per month.  Any unauthorized deductions are subject to immediate credit hold!